• Image of parfumobscure / 10ml
  • Image of parfumobscure / 10ml
  • Image of parfumobscure / 10ml
  • Image of parfumobscure / 10ml

10 ml roll-on bottle wrapped in paper, all tied up.
Only available in the Netherlands
there are five artisanal scents:

Ruh Khus, the North Indian Vetiver, is the key note
in this dark colored, ethanol-based elixir
Natural essential oils derived from birch tar, bergamot,
patchouli, labdanum and ruh khus blend together
in a slightly smokey, deep scent.

Oodh has a distinctive and exhilarating scent.
It takes time to develop on the skin.
This ethanol-based elixir is composed of natural
essential oils, derived from agarwood, myrrh,
olibanum, sandalwood and cedar.

The earthy, musky notes in this fragrance
originate from dried patchouli leaves.
Their herbaceous scent have been uplifted
with bergamot and amber.

A resinous essence extracted from Egyptian rockrose.
In ancient times this resin was used as incense.
Natural essential oils from labdanum and black pepper have been blended with artificial amber to create this dark, ethanol based elixir.

A dark brown essence from the tree of life.
Key notes in this ethanol-based elixir
are natural swamp cypress, Italian cypress,
lavender, clove and olibanum.